Weasel Robot Kit

Weasel has two sensors that allow it to "see" a line or "feel" its way along walls and around corners.

The two motors and contact sensor activate the wall sensing micro switch to control the motors' on/off operation that determines the path of a wall.

It is the classic robot design using the "Left Hand Rule" to escape mazes. Imagine the endless mazes that can be set up for Weasel to try and escape!

Weasel Robot Kit

Weasel Robot Kit

With OWI's continued pursuit in making robots "smart", they have added a sonic tracking system to this little bundle of energy.  Discover and learn about the phototransistors underneath Weasel that enable it to detect and follow a black line.

Want speed? Its three-speed gearbox will help navigate at the velocity you determine.

Quick and easy to assemble, this is a beginner robot that makes great entrants for robotic competitions, robotic workshops, after school programs, special events, gifts, science enrichment camps and classroom activities.

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Weasel Robot Kit, Soldering Required
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