Volta's Hail Storm

Use this accessory with our 25470 Adjustable Speed Van de Graaff Generator to create a memorable visual display. 

When small bits of aluminum foil, pith, or vermiculite are placed in the cylinder and the upper plate is brought near an operating generator, the particles will bounce rapidly.  They are first attracted to the upper plate but, after touching, are violently repelled downward.  The precipitation of smoke may also be shown.

Available in small or large sizes.  Small unit is 29 cm tall with a 7.5 cm diameter cylinder.  Large unit is 37 cm tall with a 15 cm diameter cylinder.

Manufactured in the USA by WINSCO.

Volta's Hail Storm (26282 Small on left, 26283 Large on right)

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Volta's Hail Storm, Small
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Volta's Hail Storm, Large
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