Trekker Microscope

At last – an affordable, hand-held microscope with precision optics! Simply place a specimen on a ring at the top of the microscope using the magnetic holder and focus using the thumbwheel. The 35x magnification – chosen on the recommendation of teachers – is powerful enough to provide great detail. The small size (4” diameter x 1” depth) comes from the use of folded optics and the high resolution, coated glass optics provide clear, sharp images. The high gathering power of the large objective lens allows transparent and semi-transparent objects to be viewed using room lighting. Solid specimens can be observed using the scope’s white LED annular lighting system, powered by a 9-volt battery for up to 100 hours of continuous operation.
Trekker’s unique optical design provides excellent depth of view and a focus range which extends nearly 3/4 of an inch above the stage – extremely useful when viewing irregularly shaped objects such as geological specimens or insects. You can even record your results permanently with the TrekLink Photo Adapter (available separately) which allows the Trekker to be connected to 35mm and digital SLR cameras.  The removable eyepiece also doubles as a 10X magnifier or hand lens.
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Trekker Microscope
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Photo Adapter for Trekker
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