Tornado Demonstration Model

Capture the power of a tornado with the new Teaching Tornado. Students will be amazed with this tornado simulator and 20 page Teacher's Guide packed with 7 detailed experiments. This device will explain and demonstrate how tornados form, and what weather conditions are necessary and how other forces influence their movement.  Students will learn about how a strong updraft is important, about convergence and rotation, funnel speed and how it is related to funnel width, and many more exciting tornado facts! 

The Teaching Tornado uses a safe, cool mist to create the tornado effect.  It's so safe that students can reach into the unit to get a true hands-on understanding of how fragile a tornado can be.  Support posts have holes drilled into them - by adjusting the angle of the poles, different tornado phenomena can be shown.

Tornado Demonstration Model

Tornado Demonstration Model

Includes a black plastic backing shield that fits in a channel between the top and bottom, stretching across approximately half of the unit.  The shield protects the tornado from room breezes, and also provides contrast to enhance the viewing experience.

Operates on 120V AC.  All necessary materials are supplied - there is no need for a separate ultrasonic humidifier.  Once assembled, all you need to do is add water!  Assembly time is 10 minutes.  Assembled size is 22 inches high by 14 inches in diameter.  Approximate weight is 11 pounds.

Recommended for grades 5 through 9, and portable enough to use as part of community outreach programs for tornado education.


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Tornado Demonstration Model
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