Soda Pop Science Lab

Take a close look at soda pop using an integrated science approach! Your students will test the physical properties and investigate the chemical composition of carbonated sodas. Then they'll formulate hypotheses, checking their predictions with experiments that they design and conduct themselves. In the process, they'll reveal the composition and nutritional value of various sodas, while gaining a basic understanding of the scientific method, experimental design and basic problem-solving skills.
Activities are designed to meet key National Science Standards, including "Abilities Necessary to Do Scientific Inquiry", "Understanding Scientific Inquiry" and many others. Also provides dozens of suggested ideas for follow-on investigations, assessment ideas and associated website links. Developed by Professor Abour H. Cherif (Columbia) and Professor JoElla Siuda (Illinois Institute of Art).

Includes enough materials for a class size of 40 students. Recommended for students in grades 7 through 10. Manufactured by Neo/SCI.

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Soda Pop Science Lab
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