Prism and Lens Set, Glass or Acrylic

These superior quality yet economical prisms and lenses can be used to teach a wide variety of optical principles.

Available in glass or acrylic sets.

Each set includes seven items:

  • double convex lens
  • double concave lens (can be used together with double convex lens)
  • semicircular lens
  • trapezoidal prism
  • small right angle prism
  • equilateral prism
  • large equilateral refraction prism

Each set is housed in a wooden case. Dimensions 9.25L x 8W x 2D inches.

Prism and Lens Set

Prism and Lens Set

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Prism and Lens Set, Glass (United OPSETG2)
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Prism and Lens Set, Acrylic (United OPSETP3)
Status $36.50