PowerSpin™ Centrifuge, Model BX

26313 PowerSpin™ Model C882 BX Centrifuge

The BX model high speed centrifuge with 3 rotor options is the latest addition to the PowerSpin™ family. Options are Microhematocrit and Micro-Centrifuge 24-place rotors and 6-place Blood/Urine Tube rotor. 

The state of the art design incorporates advanced safety features like Zero RPM Lid Lock and Auto Unbalance Detection, Rotor Recognition and Shutdown. Large LCD Display provides real time data to the user. With the push of a button you can speed up or slow down the rotor within 1,000 - 13,000 RPM range (Max 6000 RPM with the Blood Tube Rotor). Maintenance free brushless DC motor is powerful and quiet. The cover of the Microhematocrit rotor incorporates a tube reader, allowing for instant reading and eliminating the need for additional specimen handling.

Manufactured by UNICO.

Please note: the C881 6-place rotor will not accept 15 ml urine tubes. It will accept 12 ml urine tubes, shown in the ordering table below.


6 place Blood/Urine Tube Rotor 
(accepts maximum 12 ml urine tubes)

24 place rotor for capillary Microhematocrit tubes. 
Hematocrit Reader incorporated into the cover

24 place rotor for Micro tubes

BX Model shown with lid closed

Digital LCD display and push button control panel are designed 
to give the user complete control throughout the spin cycle.

The "Open" button is disengaged while the rotor is in motion.

LCD mode button will adjust displayed data according to your preferences.


  • Variable speed up to 13000 RPM (up to 6000 RPM on C881)

  • Zero RPM Safety Lock and Rotor Unbalance Sensor

  • Automatic Rotor recognition

  • Digital Timer 0-99 minutes

  • Maintenance free brushless motor

  • Exterior is chemical resistant and easy to clean and disinfect

  • Lid window for strobe tachometer RPM check

  • Standard 115V/60Hz

  • One Year Limited Warranty

PowerSpin Model

BX C881

Rotor Radius 92 mm





Time 10 minutes
Urine 2,000 411
Time 5 minutes
Blood 6,000 3,703
Time 4 minutes

PowerSpin Model

BX C882

Rotor Radius 86 mm





Time N/A
Urine N/A
Time N/A
Blood 13,000 16,250
Time 5 minutes

PowerSpin Model

BX C883

Rotor Radius 82 mm





Time N/A
Urine 2,300 485
Time 5 minutes
Blood 13,000 15,495
Time 5 minutes

RPM = Revolutions Per Minute
RCF = Relative Centrifugal Force (also known as "G-Force")
Centrifuge RCF Calculation: RCF = 1.12 x R(mm) x Krpm x Krpm
R: Centrifuge rotor radius (mm)
Krpm: Centrifuge speed in thousands
Example: If rotor radius is 102mm, speed is 3.4Krpm (3400rpm), then RCF = 1.12 x 102 x 3.4 x 3.4 = 1320g

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6 Place Fixed Angle Variable Speed Centrifuge, Model BX C881
Status $1199.00
24 Place Variable Speed Hematocrit Centrifuge, Model BX C882
Status $1199.00
24 Place Variable Speed Micro-Tube Centrifuge, Model BX C883
Status $1299.00
Tube Shield , Pkg. of 2 for BX Centrifuge
Status $11.95
Short Tube Adapters, for 4-7 ml tubes, Pk/10 for BX Centrifuge
Status $34.95
Small Tube adapters, for 2 ml tubes, Pk/2 for BX Centrifuge
Status $11.95
12 ml Conical Urine Tube, 16 x 100 mm, Pk/12
Status $11.95
12 ml Conical Urine Tube, 16 x 100 mm, Pk/50
Status $29.95
12 ml Conical Urine Tube, 16 x 100 mm, Pk/500
Status $189.00