Plant Life Cycle Kit

Students plant seeds and follow the life cycle of a plant to study the stages of seed germination, seedling development and plant growth.

Additionally, your class will study the anatomy of the plant embryo, root and stem.

Further investigations allow students to explore the effects of light, temperature, pH and environmental pollutants on seed germination and seedling development.

Plant Life Cycle Kit

Plant Life Cycle Kit

Your students will:

  • Identify the stages in the plant life cycle
  • Observe, record and graph changes in plant size and growth pattern throughout the life cycle

  • Identify the parts of a flower and observe pollination and seed production

  • Understand the significance of sexual reproduction in plants

Includes enough materials for a class size of 40 students.  Recommended for students in grades 7 through 10.  Manufactured by Neo/SCI.

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Plant Life Cycle Kit
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