Mitosis Manipulatives Kit

Designed by teachers and tested by teachers, this kit greatly enhances the students’ understanding of the process of mitosis.  All four stages of the cell cycle can be easily demonstrated with the parts included.  The kit gives students a "hands on" experience without the need for expensive laboratory equipment.

The mitosis kit contains oversized teacher manipulatives (62 pieces), for use on a magnetic dry erase board.  Magnets for teacher’s manipulatives are included.  Also included are 5 sets of smaller student manipulatives, which are sufficient for a class of 30. 

There are no consumable parts in this kit, so it can be used again and again!  A detailed instructional CD is included in order to illustrate the uses of the kit’s components.  Also included is an activity manual to assist the teacher in preparing lesson plans and assessing the students’ understanding of mitosis.  

Shipping weight 25 lbs., dimensions 28” x 18” x 5”.

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Mitosis Manipulatives Kit (United MITKIT)
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