Rocks Classroom Projects

In these classroom activity projects, unknown samples are provided for 30 students to identify by using 8 1/2” x 11” replica cardstock charts of the 18" x 24" charts in a wooden frame.

All Classroom Projects are recommended for grades 7 through 12.

Rocks Classroom Projects

Rocks Classroom Projects

Highlights of the Classroom Projects are as follows:

  • Metamorphic Rocks: Demonstrate the intricate processes by which a parent rock or mineral can be changed (metamorphosed) to a new form.  The relationship of metamorphic rocks to igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and other metamorphic rocks is graphically displayed.
  • Igneous Rocks: The purpose of this activity is to become acquainted with the origin, texture, composition and interrelationships of igneous rocks.   This is accomplished by providing a key to the systematic arrangement of the igneous rocks and graphically displaying these properties.
  • Sedimentary Rocks: Portrays the three main classifications of sedimentary rocks: clastic, chemical and organic.  The importance of origin is emphasized and the relationship of particle size is demonstrated.
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