Intermediate Spectrometer

Intermediate Spectrometer

This excellent instrument is easy to set up and easy to use and is designed for students to make precise measurements. This unit features high quality 22MM optics, a built-in illuminated auto-collimator for fast set up, a 17.8 cm diameter divided circle with clear gradations, a double-ended vernier with illuminated magnifier reading to 1' resolution, and a 7cm diameter prism table which rotates 360 degrees and adjusts 2 cm in height for any size of accessories. It comes complete with grating and holder, prism, illuminated magnifier, auto-collimation mirror, power supply (for 110VAC), and an activity guide.

Shipping weight: 29 lbs; Dimensions: 17" x 17"x 12".

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Intermediate Spectrometer (United SPECT02)
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