Van de Graaff Generator, Fixed Speed

This junior-sized Van de Graaff Generator provides a great introduction to electrostatics concepts.

The aluminum dome produces 75,000 volts, giving it the capability to produce sparks of up to 10 cm.  Shipped assembled.

Overall height is 34 cm, and dome diameter is 10 cm.

Replacement belts are available separately.

Please note: this product does not generate enough voltage to perform a hair-raising demonstration.  Our 25470 Adjustable Speed Van de Graaff Generator, which generates 350,000 volts, is the classic device used for hair-raising demonstrations at schools.

Manufactured by Winsco.

Van de Graaff Generator, Fixed Speed

Fixed Speed Van de Graaff Generator

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Van de Graaff, Fixed Speed
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Replacement Belt for Fixed Speed Van de Graaff
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