Exploring with a Microscope CD-ROM

Comprehensive, interactive CD-ROM provides students with the ability to use a virtual microscope and perform a variety of lab simulations on the computer. Students can prepare a variety of microscope slides on-screen and use the virtual microscope to view the slides, adjust the coarse and fine focus, use the mechanical stage and even change objectives.  Includes comprehensive tutorials on the workings of a microscope, incorporating detailed illustrations, photographs, animations and over 30 minutes of video.  In the process, your students will learn to properly use a microscope, the use of various imaging techniques and several microscope slide preparation and staining techniques. 
Students can also test their knowledge of  microscopy and print selected images and information.

Recommended for students in grades 6 through 12.  Manufactured by Neo/SCI. 

Minimum System Requirements: Win 98 or higher. Mac 8.6 or higher (Classic Mode). 64MB RAM.

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Exploring with a Microscope Neo/LAB CD-ROM
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Exploring with a Microscope Neo/LAB CD-ROM, Lab pack of 5
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Exploring with a Microscope Neo/LAB CD-ROM, Network Version
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