DNA Manipulatives Kit

This kit makes it easy for students to understand the principles of recombinant DNA technology.  The kit includes teacher demonstration models and student manipulative sets, sufficient for a class size of 30 students. 

Using the manipulatives, students learn the process of recombinant DNA technology.  Plasmid DNA is cut with restriction enzymes, and recombinant plasmids are formed.  Laminated teacher and student gel electrophoresis boards are also included.  Kit contains no consumable parts, so it can be used over and over again.

Includes 78 pieces of specially designed plastic manipulatives.  Also included are a teacher's manual and an instructional videotape in which an experienced teacher demonstrates proper use of the manipulatives.

DNA Manipulatives Kit

DNA Manipulatives Kit

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DNA Manipulatives Kit (United DNAKIT)
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