Detective's Casebook Lab

Your students will become junior detectives, honing their crime-solving skills by investigating the mysteries surrounding a fictitious crime scenario.  They'll be challenged to conduct a series of forensic analysis activities to determine if a crime has been committed and the identity of the suspect.  To solve the mystery, they'll perform hands-on toxicology testing; chromatography; fingerprinting; document analysis; and simulated blood typing.  They'll also learn how each of these processes can be used to support their final conclusion as to whether a crime was committed and "whodunit"!

Your students will:

  • Understand and implement the scientific method
  • Practice problem-solving skills through forensics
  • Perform various forensic analyses

Includes enough materials for a class size of 40 students. Recommended for students in grades 7 through 10. Manufactured by Neo/SCI.

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Detective's Casebook Lab
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