Crime Scene Investigations Lab

Provide your students with a scenario and crime scene from which they will gather evidence.  they'll take their evidence back to the "Forensics Lab" to conduct various tests to analyze hair and fibers; shoeprints; blood, chromosome and DNA; stomach contents; and tool-marks.  Includes everything you'll need to set up a variety of scenarios and crime scenes along with suggestions on how to effectively integrate the skills learned into your curriculum. 
Your students will:
  • Examine the physical evidence at a crime scene and gather evidence
  • Perform various tests to analyze the evidence gathered
  • Identify the crime's victim through dental records and fingerprints
  • Perform tests to determine the cause of death
  • Analyze evidence to determine a suspect

Includes enough materials for a class size of 40 students. Recommended for students in grades 7 through 10. Manufactured by Neo/SCI.

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Crime Scene Investigations Lab
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