Common Things Neo/SLIDE CD-ROM

Engage your students with an "up close" look at common household items, microorganisms, plants, "creepy-crawly" insects, animals and other items that they see or use daily - all from a fascinating, new perspective.  Features nearly fifty microscopic images which can be magnified, manipulated and measured - just like with a traditional microscope.  All of the key structures are highlighted in these stunning printable images, and are accompanied by illuminating reference text. 

The unique program can be operated in either a tutorial or a quiz mode that identifies and records individual student answers.

Recommended for students in grades 6 through 12.  Manufactured by Neo/SCI. 

Minimum System Requirements: Win 98 or higher. Mac 8.6 or higher (Classic Mode). 64MB RAM.

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Common Things Neo/SLIDE CD-ROM
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Common Things Neo/SLIDE CD-ROM, Lab Pack of 5
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Common Things Neo/SLIDE CD-ROM, Network Version
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