Cell Processes Neo/LAB CD-ROM

Engage your students with a fascinating series of interactive exercises on osmosis, diffusion, cell size, cell crenation and others that they perform - in a virtual lab! They will also explore the basics of cell processes - including cellular respiration, photosynthesis, passive and active transport, mitosis, cytokinesis and cancer - through use of a narrated, step-by-step tutorial featuring stunning illustrations, animations and micrographs. The program features a unique assessment section - complete with practice and test modes - which automatically grades and tracks student comprehension. A detailed teacher's resource section also allows you to create customized tutorials, tests and presentations as well as print color illustrations of cell processes for use as handouts, tests or overhead transparencies.

Recommended for students in grades 6 through 12. Manufactured by Neo/SCI.

Minimum System Requirements: Win 98 or higher. Mac 8.6 or higher (Classic Mode). 64MB RAM.

Students perform experiments in
a virtual laboratory setting.

Tutorial section provides a step-by-step
overview of key topics.

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Cell Processes Neo/LAB CD-ROM
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