Biology Review & Test Preparation CD-ROM

Students can review key biology concepts and assess their understanding using the built-in exam function. Comprehensive tutorials and corresponding exams cover biochemistry; cells and cell reproduction; protein synthesis; genetics and heredity; human genetics; classification; viruses and bacteria; protozoa; fungi; algae; plants; vertebrates and invertebrates; human body; and ecology.  Contains over 200 multimedia tutorials and assessment questions covering all key Biology concepts.

Recommended for students in grades 7 through 10.  Manufactured by Neo/SCI.

Minimum System Requirements: Win 2000 or higher.
Mac 9.2 or higher (including OSX). 128MB RAM.

You can put together a customized test including assessment
questions that you choose.

Students can use the built-in exam function
to test their own knowledge.

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Biology Review and Test Preparation CD-ROM
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Biology Review and Test Preparation CD-ROM, Lab Pack of 5
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Biology Review and Test Preparation CD-ROM, Network Version
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