Animal Cells & Tissues Neo/SLIDE CD-ROM

Features a comprehensive set of interactive microscope slide images that offer a detailed view of the fascinating world of animal cells and tissues. These engaging images can be magnified, manipulated and measured - just like with a traditional microscope - and are accompanied by supporting text and video clips. The program also offers the flexibility to choose from either tutorial, assessment or lecture modes. Features dozens of magnifiable images of live and prepared specimen material which include Invertebrates, Insect Structures, Vertebrate Tissues, Frog Development and Human Sex Indicators including Human Male/Female Chromosomes, Squamous Ephithelium, and Peripheral Blood Film. Includes three video loops of Hydra, Planaria and Daphnia.
Recommended for students in grades 6 through 12.  Manufactured by Neo/SCI. 

Minimum System Requirements: Win 98 or higher. Mac 8.6 or higher (Classic Mode). 64MB RAM.

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Animal Cells & Tissues Neo/SLIDE CD-ROM
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Animal Cells & Tissues Neo/SLIDE CD-ROM, Lab Pack of 5
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Animal Cells & Tissues Neo/SLIDE CD-ROM, Network Version
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