Advanced Slidemaking Kit

Provides everything needed to prepare and stain slides. This advanced slidemaking kit includes the following items: specimens (fabric, threads, dust,cork, foam, salt), two staining specimens (a corn section and planaria) and preserved insects (honey bee and cricket), acetone (28ml), xylene (112ml), 2 stains: fast green and borax carmine (28ml), differentiator (28ml), isopropyl alcohol (448ml), mounting medium (28ml), 72 microscope slides, 100 cover slips, 100 labels, a lens paper book, two medicine droppers, two single-edge razor blades, a magnifier, a concave microscope slide, three vials for collecting specimens, fine forceps, a spot plate, a clear plastic ruler, one pair of gloves (size 8), two prepared slides, and a comprehensive instruction booklet entitled "Adventures with A Microscope". (17" x 16-1/2" x 6"; 1Ib.).
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Advanced Slidemaking Kit
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