Van de Graaff Generator, Adjustable Speed

Extreme Makeover Home EditionScience Enthusiast proudly donated this Van de Graaff Generator to the Nickless family for the Extreme Makeover Home Edition episode that originally aired on 11/30/2008.  Check back soon for the photos from that episode!

Explore the world of electrostatics with this classic product.

The polished, anodized dome can develop potentials up to 350,000 volts, providing the power to execute electrostatics demonstrations energetically and dramatically.

The maximum continuous current is only about 10 microamperes, so the Van de Graaff Generator is quite safe.  Sparks of 8" are usual and may go to 12-15".

This product is ideal for performing hair-raising demonstrations.   Shipped assembled, including an extra transport belt.

Overall height is 76 cm, and dome diameter is 25 cm.

The lower cabinet dimensions are 30L x 25W x 7.5D centimeters.

Optional Discharge Electrode may be used as an isolated charged sphere, or may be grounded to the base of the generator, thus intensifying the arc discharges by the addition of capacitance.

A flexible grounding lead with banana plug and alligator clip is included.

Overall height is 76 cm, and dome diameter is 25 cm.

Van de Graaff Generator

25470 Van de Graaff Generator

Van de Graaff Generator with Discharge Electrode
25470 Van de Graaff (left) shown with
25471 Large Discharge Electrode.

Manufactured by WINSCO in Wabash, Indiana, U.S.A.  This Van de Graaff Generator is WINSCO model number N-100V.  WINSCO has been manufacturing superior quality Physics educational products for almost 40 years. 
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Van de Graaff Generator, Adjustable Speed (N-100V)
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Discharge Electrode, Large
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Replacement Belt for N-100V Van de Graaff Generator
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