ABO-Rh Blood Typing Using Neo/BLOOD

Using actual blood typing procedures, students classify four unknown samples of the simulated Neo/BLOOD. Neo/BLOOD's realistic agglutination accurately simulates that of real blood - without the hazards. Students will learn about Rh incompatibilities and other blood testing techniques, such as blood smearing, blood cell counts and much more!

ABO-Rh Blood Typing Using Neo/BLOOD

ABO-Rh Blood Typing Using Neo/BLOOD

Properties of Neo/BLOOD include:

  • Looks and behaves like real blood
  • Provides quick, easy and completely safe results
  • Realistically simulates agglutination
  • Contains simulated, microscopic blood cells which can be viewed and counted under a microscope or used with a hemacytometer

Includes enough materials for a class size of 40 students.  Recommended for students in grades 7 through 10.  Manufactured by Neo/SCI.  Also available is a refill that provides enough Neo/BLOOD for use with an additional class.

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ABO-Rh Blood Typing Using Neo/BLOOD Kit
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Refill for ABO-Rh Blood Typing Kit
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